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Foster digital and foundational literacies in our students through academic grounding and real-world experience.

Post-secondary education is experiencing a period of transformation. It is critical that we prepare our students and ourselves for the rapid technological changes occurring in the higher education sector. In light of these advancements, it is not about ‘technology for technology’s sake’; we need to use technology to provide enhanced learning outcomes and flexibility for our students.

During this transformation, we must teach our students to be effective digital learners without losing sight of the fact that foundational skills – literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, team work, reflective practice and others – remain critical to graduates’ success. The need for these essential employment skills has never been stronger and must be enhanced as we introduce new technological literacies. Applied learning remains at the core of our programming. We are committed to offering learning opportunities that increase the quality and availability of real-world experience in our courses and programs while enhancing foundational and technological skills.

Concurrently, we are committed to supporting our staff in acquiring the knowledge and skills they need as contemporary educators, to support the rapidly changing needs of contemporary learners. Professional development has never been more crucial to the success of our students and our college.

Strategic Directions will be achieved as a result of pursuing multi-year and annual initiatives. Find out more about our Multi-Year Objectives.

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