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Continuing Education offers a variety of face-to-face courses in Arts, Business, Computers, Languages, Trades and more to help you achieve your professional and personal goals. We have highlighted a few of them here for you.

Frugal Farming for Sustainable Living

Learn to grow veggies, raise chickens, and more, for a self-sufficient and planet-friendly lifestyle. Explore the basics of cultivating and harvesting a successful vegetable garden, humanely raising poultry, goats, and pigs, and cost-effectively equipping and building the structures you need to bring it all together. Benefit from the real ¬life journey of local farmer, Lindsay Hadcock, who shares her experiences and knowledge to get you started. The course is divided into two sections: Growing your Food and Getting Started with Small Livestock. A visit to Lindsay’s farm is included in each section. Sign up for one or both. To register for this course, please click here.

How to Speak Dog

Have you ever wanted to know what your dog is thinking? Dogs are masterful communicators with body language and we often misinterpret it, much to the chagrin of dogs everywhere. We'll introduce you to some of the language so you can better understand your dog. Learn to interpret whether your dog is enjoying interactions at the dog park, and know when they've had enough. The course is valuable to pet owners, and anyone who works with dogs. To register for this course, please click here.

Illustration and Storyboarding

Students will create a “pitch” or presentation based on an original  short story or an adaption of a public domain story such as Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. Students will learn how to be concept artists and illustrators presenting the idea of a story, by creating character designs, prop rotations, environments, and storyboards that build towards a final project. To register for this course, please click here.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an 8-week program with a 1 day silent retreat that helps you learn to calm your mind and body, and to cope better with stress, tension and pain. Based on Jon Kabat-Zinn's work, mindfulness invites you to become more present in this moment on purpose and without judgment. Each week, you will learn practices and tools in class and to take home with you to help you increase your calmness, decrease your stress and be more present in the moment. Studies show that MBSR can reduce stress and help you to relax as well as cope better with symptoms and improve your quality of life. [Note: MBSR is eligible for 30 hours of CCP with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.] To register for this course, please click here.

Small Engine General Maintenance

Combined theory and hands-on classes will have you exploring basic engine principles, general maintenance, and troubleshooting small engine problems. You will disassemble, inspect, repair and tune small engines that are common to lawnmowers, tillers, lawn tractors, snow blowers and more. This course will take place in February in Kingston. See our website for full details. To register for this course, please click here.

Today’s Wound Care for RNs and RPNs

Designed for RNs and RPNs practicing in the acute, long-term care, and community settings, this course focuses on the care of acute and chronic wounds including leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers and pressure ulcers. A complete review of appropriate equipment in wound care management, alternative methods of care, the role of multi-disciplinary team members and prevention strategies is also undertaken. To register for this course, please click here.